What is your IAQ?

Controlling your Indoor Air Quality, your IAQ, is vital to providing a comfortable, healthy environment for your home.  Much of the outdoor air pollution is visible to us.  Indoor air pollution is less obvious but can be just as harmful.  IAQ refers to the condition of the air in your home and is made up of:






                                          Air Purity


                                      Air Freshness

Poor IAQ can affect your furnishings and belongings but, more importantly, your health and quality of life.  Click the button at the right to read a White Paper by Doron Schneider, M.D. dealing with an independent testing of 10,000 American homes across the country.

You can also click the buttons below to watch videos about IAQ and Air Purity.

Solving your IAQ problems will enhance and preserve your:

  • Comfort:  Get rid of itchy dry skin and annoying static shocks

  • Health:  Battle the contaminants that lead to everything from minor sinus irritations to severe health complications

  • Home:  Protect your home from wood cracks, mold, and mildew

  • Savings:  Save on energy costs with automatic solutions

IAQ Products


Whole House Comfort

air quality

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Air Purifiers

Ultraviolet Lights



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